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East West Bank and its affiliates are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and employees. The specific personal information that we collect, use, and disclose will vary based on your relationship or interaction with us. You may read our privacy policy by visiting our website or by accessing this link East West Bank (China) Limited Privacy Policy.


East West Bank (China) Limited Privacy Policy
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Online Security

In addition to exceptional service, we prioritize the indomitability of the security features we employ to protect our customers’ personal information and online transaction details. Although we take great measures to enforce the latest cyber-security features, the Internet is an unpredictable realm that is in the process of constant evolution. Regardless of our efforts against Internet crimes, the risk of a security breach is a threat that every online entity, institution, or organization faces. As long as cyber-technology continues to progress—and it will, the slight risk of a security breach cannot be completely eliminated. As our valued customer, East West Bank China encourages you take the appropriate measures to safeguard yourself from online perpetrators.

As an international entity founded upon the collective expertise of our team members worldwide, we believe that knowledge empowers. As a courtesy to our customers, we have compiled a list of cautionary advice to help you keep your identity and financial information private. By reviewing the list below and taking a moment to instill the advice to memory, you actively decrease your chances of being victimized by hackers, scammers, and malicious software.

Precautionary Guidelines for Online Banking.

  • Use case-sensitive letters, special characters, and numbers in your password to decrease its predictability.
  • Never save your login information or select to remain signed in when accessing your online banking account.
  • Do not make online transactions on public computers—at internet cafes, public libraries, or pubs; Internet connections available to the public are usually insecure; your personal and billing information may be intercepted without your knowledge.
  • East West Bank China will never request your private information (i.e., account information/number, billing information, personal information, etc.) by email, telephone, or text message; regardless of whether or not the initiator of an email or a phone call seems credible, do NOT trust any representative who claims to request any account or personal information on behalf of East West Bank China.
  • Never share any confidential or private information with others, especially via insecure applications such as chat messengers or social network communication relays.
  • Do not open suspicious emails or file attachments, especially if you are unfamiliar with the sender or cannot locate the source of the message.
  • Do not install any application or software you do not trust before confirming the credibility of the source.
  • Secure your personal computer with quality cyber-defense applications, and always update the software to the latest version available; frequent updates to your anti-virus and anti-malware software can protect your device against the newest malwares, spywares, and viruses.
  • Install a reliable firewall and make sure the Internet connection via your modem or wireless card is secure; your firewall should always be the latest stable version.
  • Always patch your operating system with the latest files.
  • Update the property of host files to “Read Only” on your personal computer.
  • Do not use the Online banking on computers that connect to peer-to-peer networks.
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