Manage Your Business Efficiently with Our Comprehensive Cash Management Services

Our one-stop banking platform is simple and easy to navigate. It helps you manage your business more efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world.

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Account opening types

Based on your needs, we can assist you with opening resident and non-resident, foreign currency, and free trade accounts at East West Bank China. 

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Payment Services

Our robust online banking system can help with your day-to-day cash management needs. By linking your financial activities to our online banking platform businessBridge® China, you can make payments domestically and internationally with a simple click.

collection services

We offer comprehensive receivables services that reduce the amount of reconciliation needed and give you greater control of assets. 

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Wire services

You can transfer funds to your overseas account using our online banking platform. With the secured SWIFT system, it only takes a couple of days for the recipient to receive the money.

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Payroll Services

We can help you manage your enterprise payroll, ensuring that employees receive payments on time, every time.

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Escrow Services

East West Bank China provides customized escrow services for both buyer and seller. As the financial bridge between the East and the West, we are experienced in meeting the various escrow needs of the Mergers and Acquisitions process between the U.S. and China.

Account Opening Types

Based on your needs, we can assist you in opening resident and non-resident accounts, RMB accounts, foreign currency, and free trade accounts at East West Bank China.We offer a commercial draft system, payment and collection services, and wire and payroll services that help you manage your finances effectively.

Mainland China Resident Account
Non-resident Account
(Including entities registered in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.)
  • RMB Basic Account 
    For daily fund transfers, cash deposits and withdrawals, and payment of salary and bonuses to employees
  • RMB General Account 
    For RMB settlement and liquidity management
  • RMB Capital Account 
    For RMB capital injection and paymentRMB Temporary Account For fund collections and payments due to temporary operation
  • RMB Temporary Account
    For fund collections and payments due to temporary operations
  • RMB Escrow Account 
    EWCN performs escrow services to maintain, monitor and release transaction funds for both buyer & seller, based on instructions.
  • Foreign Currency Capital Account
    For capital injection and payment
  • Foreign Currency Settlement Account 
    Forforeign currency operating transactions
  • Foreign Currency Foreign Debt Account 
    For receiving/repaying loan proceeds from overseas
  • Foreign Currency Loan Account 
    For receiving/repaying loan proceeds from onshore foreign currency loans

Free trade zone entities and overseas organizations are qualified to apply for RMB and Foreign Currency free trade accounts. Deposits of free trade accounts will not be subjected to SAFE quotas.

RMB NRA is the RMB settlement account for overseas institutions to facilitate cross-border RMB payment and collection. Overseas institutions include organizations incorporated in overseas areas (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), such as enterprises, public organizations, government departments, etc.

Foreign Currency NRA is an account in domestic banks to support foreign currency payment and collection for overseas institutions. 

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