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International Trade Settlement

Are you anxious about a newly established international business relationship? Are you entering into an unfamiliar global market? Do you need to ensure that you receive payments on time? Our international trade settlement services offer you various products to help you ease into a new business relationship, mitigate the uncertainty and facilitate smooth transactions.

  • Letter of Credit

    Build relationships with clients and support new business opportunities with an East West Bank Letter of Credit. We issue a Letter of Credit at your request, assuring payment up to a stated amount, within a prescribed time period. We then check that the documents received are in compliance with the Letter of Credit’s terms and certify the documents before you make payment.

  • Inward Bill Collection

    Save time and take delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently with our Inward Bill Collection services. We act as your agent, handling the processing of documents and payments to your sellers on your behalf. This is a common payment mechanism for buyers that enables you to focus on building your business.

  • Outward Bill Collection

    Facilitate the flow of payments with our Outward Bill Collection. We act as the professional agent to collect payments from a buyer on your behalf. Your transport documents are only released to the buyer once we have received either payment or an accepted Bill of Exchange that promises payment at a later date.

  • Remittance

    East West Bank’s remittance service is used for international settlement of fund transfers/remittances. Methods of remittance include telegraphic transfer, mail transfer and draft transfer. Remittance is easy, fast and cost efficient.

International Trade Financing

Our dedicated East West bankers have in-depth understanding of the global marketplace. They will work closely with you to structure the best trade solutions to meet your complex international trade financing needs. They also can provide working capital to help you maximize your international opportunities.

  • Forfeiting

    In Forfeiting, East West Bank purchases the outstanding claims resulting from goods, services or asset transactions without recourse. Forfeiting enables a customer to receive non-recourse payments at a fixed rate, without using their credit line, which mitigates risk, increases cash flow and positively impacts financial statements, etc.

  • Export Bill Purchase

    Our Export Bill Purchase helps exporters speed up their cash turnover. After you complete the shipments and submit all the documents as the pledge, we provide you with short-term financing before you receive payments from your importer.

  • Import Bill Advance

    An Import Bill Advance is short-term financing that helps importers optimize their working capital needs. East West Bank makes advance payment on behalf of the importer with valid certifications and commercial bills under import L/C or inward collection.

  • Shipping Guarantee

    When a vessel carrying goods arrives earlier than the original bill of lading, a shipping guarantee can be issued by the bank to authorize the release of goods. This is commonly used under L/C with a full set of title documents for the goods.

  • Overseas refinancing

    When the cost of borrowing in mainland China is higher than it is overseas, our branches in the U.S. or Hong Kong can provide short-term financing to East West Bank China. The latter can advance an importer’s accounts payable balance to you at a lower financing cost.

Domestic Trade Financing

There is an increased demand for RMB working capital as China’s domestic trade business has grown tremendously over the years. East West Bank China’s domestic trade financing solutions provide you with low cost accounts receivable and accounts payable financing, helping you to focus on your business expansion and improve your cash flow.

  • Invoice Financing

    Accounts Receivable

    Our accounts receivable financing solutions help improve your cash flow and protect your company against buyer credit risk by allowing you to receive early payment on your outstanding invoices.

    Accounts Payable

    Our accounts payable solution is a short-term financing product. It gives you more time to pay your suppliers and frees up your working capital.

  • Electronic Commercial Draft System

    Electric Commercial Drafts are electronic versions of commercial drafts, one of the most popular settlement methods for trade nationwide. With intensified efforts from the People’s Bank of China to promote the use of Electric Commercial Drafts, China is embarking on a new era where Electric Commercial Drafts will replace paper drafts. Our Electric Commercial Draft System enables clients to directly manage their drafts and complete various business operations, including enquiry, assignment, discounting and collection.

  • Pre-Export Loan

    Under an export letter of credit, a pre-export loan provides working capital for an exporter to purchase raw materials or produce manufactured goods at a lower financing cost. Instead of waiting for their buyers to make payment, the facility enables clients to access working capital early.

Financing and Non-financing Guarantee/ Standby Letter of Credit

A guarantee/standby letter of credit can help reduce uncertainty or risk when entering into an international contract with a new party. It is widely used in the trading of goods and services, cross-border contracting projects, and foreign labor cooperation projects. A guarantee/standby letter of credit helps establish acceptable terms and performance obligations to protect both buyers and suppliers.

  • Financial Guarantee 

    A financial guarantee promises repayment of money, in case a party does not meet the performance obligations of a contract. By using our financial guarantee instead of cash deposits, you can optimize your working capital and potentially secure better contract terms.

  • Non-financial guarantee 

    A non-financial guarantee protects the beneficiary from non-performance in non-financial transactions such as bidding, construction projects, etc. We offer tender, performance and advance payment guarantees to provide benefits and protections for parties in many types of situations.

  • Standby letter of credit 

    In certain markets where guarantees are not commonly used, importers and exporters usually use a standby letter of credit as a guarantee to cover payment defaults.

Supply Chain Financing

We provide customized supply chain financing solutions to support the entire supply chain between suppliers and buyers.

  • Supply Chain Financing 

    Accounts  Receivable

    Our accounts receivable financing solutions help protect you against buyer credit risk and help improve your cash flow by enabling you to receive early payment on your outstanding invoices.

    Accounts  Payable

    Our accounts payable solution is a short-term financing product. Based on your accounts payable invoices or contracts, we make payment to your supplier. It enables you to purchase goods or raw materials without having to pay in advance or with cash on delivery. This gives you more time to pay and improves your cash flow.

  • Data Financing

    In e-commerce, it can be difficult for SMEs to obtain bank credit due to their operational volatility and higher risk profile. By collaborating with major e-commerce platforms, we can get a fuller picture of an e-commerce company’s sales, payments and logistics data to evaluate their credit risk. This program is a unique way to provide e-commerce SMEs with working capital to support their continued growth.

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